Beginner Clawhammer Crash Course Video Series by Play Better Banjo

Beginner Clawhammer Crash Course Video Series

A clear and simple video course that'll take you from "ZERO to BANJO" in three simple steps so you can jam along with your first song in a matter of days.

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Let the Beginner Clawhammer Crash Course Video Series give you the push you need to make your musical goals a reality.
This FREE video series is specifically designed to get you making music as quickly as possible. 

No experience necessary. All you need is a banjo and a willingness to make some noise!

More Than 3,500 Folks Have Completed the FREE Course...

I just wanted to thank you for your lessons. They are amazing and provide so much detail!"
Rachel S., Cincinnatti OH

What You'll Learn

The Master Key to the Clawhammer Banjo
So you can start your training in the right place and avoid the frustration of not knowing where to begin.

How to Tune Your Banjo

Because you’ve got to be in tune to sound good!

Numbering Systems for Frets, Fingers & Strings
So you’ll know how to communicate with other musicians

The 3 Magical Clawhammer Chord Shapes

That experienced banjo players use to play hundreds of songs.

‘Boom Note Variation’ Exercise

So you can hone your right hand coordination.

Jamming Along With Your First Song
And then some!
"I Live in Australia, and have struggled a bit to find a good Banjo teacher, but you're website is just the best! I feel like I've improved a million times over in less than a month, so thanks a bunch."
Nic F. (Marrickville, N.S.W, Australia)

What You Get When You Enroll in the Beginner Clawhammer Crash Course

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Step One - Beginner Crash Course Video Series
Start Here!
2 mins
Numbering the Strings
6 mins
Naming of the Strings
2 mins
Boom Chick A
19 mins
Bonus Lesson - How to Tune Your Banjo
Video - How to Tune Your Banjo
13 mins
How to Tune Your Banjo - A Beginner's Guide [Written explanation & instruction]
Step Two - Beginner Clawhammer Video Series
3 Magic Chords Explained
6 mins
12 mins
Next Steps?
1 min
Step Three - Beginner Clawhammer Crash Course
Putting It Together
2 mins
Skip to My Lou
4 mins
My Homes Across the Mtns
4 mins
What Now?
2 mins
Bonus Lesson - Three Chord Song
Crawdad Song
4 mins
Step Four - Beginner Clawhammer [Bonus Lesson]
Banjo Time Travel
2 mins
Waltz Time Playing
4 mins
Amazing Grace
4 mins
Banjo Journey - Next Steps
5 mins