Key of D - Five Tune Lesson Pack by Play Better Banjo

Key of D - Five Tune Lesson Pack

A collection of quintessential and well-balanced fiddle tunes arranged for the clawhammer banjo in the grand ole key of D.

Give Your Repertoire a Boost

This lesson pack focuses on the Key of D, offering up two distinct arrangements for each of the five essential clawhammer tunes taught within.

Discover the Dialectical Path

Beyond just learning a few new tunes, this 5-tune LESSON PACK will give you a nuanced understanding of “rhythmic” versus “melodic” arrangement philosophies.

Clear, Easy-to-Follow Instructional Videos and Tablature...

Ryan’s detailed, measure-by-measure video teaching style sets him apart from other online clawhammer instructors and makes it easier to learn new tunes and skills.
Peter L. (Sonoma, CA)

What You'll Learn Inside the Lesson Pack Training

You’ll learn how to play five essential tunes in the Key of D:
  • Green Willis
  • Soldier’s Joy
  • Fisher’s Hornpipe
  • Step Around Johnny
  • Forked Deer
Not only will you’ll learn these five tunes but you’ll learn two different versions of each:
  • A MELODIC VERSION that incorporates more advanced techniques.
  • A RHYTHMIC VERSION that focuses on “drive” and “feel”.
When You Complete the Lesson Pack
You’ll have five new tunes under your belt and you’ll have gained some very useful insight into the clawhammer banjo arrangement process.

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Make Some Noise...

"I totally enjoyed that lesson pack and your teaching style is perfect for me. My repertoire just got a lot more interesting..."
Steve R. (Lancashire, United Kingdom)

What You Get Inside this Lesson Pack

Video Icon 10 videos Text Icon 1 text file
Key of D Lesson Pack - Introduction
Lesson Pack Notes
Step Around Johnny
Step Around Johnny - Melodic Version
9 mins
Step Around Johnny - Rhythmic Version
12 mins
Soldier's Joy
Soldier's Joy - Melodic Version
11 mins
Soldier's Joy - Rhythmic Version
16 mins
Forked Deer
Forked Deer - Melodic Version
9 mins
Forked Deer - Rhythmic Version
9 mins
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fisher's Hornpipe - Melodic Version
13 mins
Fisher's Hornpipe - Rhythmic Version
12 mins
Green Willis
Green Willis - Melodic Version
10 mins
Green Willis - Rhythmic Version
9 mins

No Risk Offer!

If at any time during your first 30 days of this training you aren’t completely satisfied,  just let me know and I’ll refund your tuition immediately.

No Questions Asked.