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Perfect Practice Course

Discover how to use proven practice secrets to rapidly improve your technical skills, break bad habits and make your practice time more focused and productive!

Practice Smarter - Improve Faster

The Perfect Practice Course is an easy-to-follow system for sharpening your practice skills so you can bolster your repertoire, build your confidence and make rapid breakthroughs in your playing.
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Your Way Out of Overwhelm, Mediocrity & Uncertainty

Today, so many aspiring banjoists are drowning in a sea of information, instructional books, online tutorials and youtube videos.

The Perfect Practice Course will put all of these disparate puzzle pieces together for you and teach you how to focus your practice efforts on specific areas of study, tailored to your specific banjo goals so you can confidently focus on the task in front of you, knowing that it will take you on a direct path from where you are right now to where you want to be.

What's keeping you from achieving your banjo dreams?

Clear, Easy-to-Follow Instructional Videos and Tablature...

Thanks for letting me in on the Perfect Practice Course. It has helped a lot.   I was jumping around everywhere till this..THANKS AGAIN!
Tim J. (Tennessee, USA

What You'll Learn Inside the Perfect Practice Course

How to:
  • Identify exactly what practice areas on which to place your focus.
  • Properly define your musical goals.
  • Create a practice regimen that’s tailored to your specific areas of interest.
  • Increase speed, accuracy and memorization skills.
  • Optimize your study sessions so you can see rapid results while practicing as little as two and a half hours a week.
  • Integrate a host of both ‘practical’ and ‘magical’ practice methods into your existing banjo routine to boost the results of your efforts.
  • Use a metronome to improve timing, speed and mastery.
  • Utilize practice strategies to improve relaxation and ‘flow’.
  • Avoid and overcome common obstacles of achievement.
  • Stick with your practice routine.
  • Glean more enjoyment from your practice process.
  • Harness your bodies ‘innate intelligence’ during study sessions.
  • Establish practice tempos for maximum efficacy.
  • Identify and eradicate undo tension in your playing.
  • Explore the powerful practice of ‘chunking’ your study focus.
  • Properly implement repetition in your studies.
  • Use 'mental practice' for rapid improvement.
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I enjoyed the Perfect Practice Course. Your course helped me get organized and work towards what I really wanted to accomplish.
Karen B. (Maryland, USA)

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos Text Icon 18 text files


Getting Started
Course Format & Orientation
2 mins
Organization & Intention
Goal Setting
2 mins
Scheduling Your Practice Sessions
2 mins
Creating a Practice Regimen
3 mins
Effective Practice Strategies
Four Principles of Effective Practice - Introduction
Principle #1 - Staying Motivated
Principle #2 - Process Orientation
Principle #3 - Overcoming Procrastination
Principle #4 - Trusting the Body
4 mins
Practice Optimization Methods
Introduction to Optimization Methods
2 mins
Practical Methods
Introduction to Practical Methods
Practical Method Lesson - Proper Pacing
2 mins
Practical Method Lesson - Relaxation
10 mins
Practical Method Lesson - Fractional Learning
2 mins
Practical Method Lesson - Effective Repetition
Practical Method Lesson - Integrating into Regimen
Magical Methods
Introduction to Magical Methods
Magical Method Lesson - Visualization
3 mins
Magical Method Lesson - Modeling
3 mins
Magical Method Lesson - Vocalization
6 mins
Magical Method Lesson - Reverse Physiology
3 mins
Magical Method Lesson - Positive Interference
Magical Methods - Integrating into the Regimen
Specific Skill Training
Specific Skill Set Training [Bonus Lesson]
Memorization Training [Bonus Lesson]
Speed Training [Bonus Lesson]
Accuracy Training [Bonus Lesson]
Moving Forward
Refining Your Practice Regimen
Perfect Practice Course - Resource Page
Metronome Methods - Supplemental Study
Metronome Methods [Bonus Lesson]
7 mins
Advanced Metronome [Bonus Lesson] Incremental Method
8 mins
Advanced Metronome [Bonus Lesson] Dialectical Method
4 mins
Final Optimization Tips & Takeaways
Tune in a Week Practice Regimen Video Documentary
Bonus 5-Part Video Series
Episode #1 - Tune in a Week - Regimen in Action
5 mins
Episode #2 - Tune in a Week - Regimen in Action
5 mins
Episode #3 - Tune in a Week - Regimen in Action
7 mins
Episode #4 - Tune in a Week - Regimen in Action
6 mins
Episode #5 - Tune in a Week - Regimen in Action
7 mins
Quick Tips for Practice Optimization
Connective Tissue + Double Up Techniques [Bonus Video]
7 mins

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Thanks. Your responsiveness to my questions, suggestions and requests has been nothing short of stellar!
Chris P. (Albequerque, NM)

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